Howling to Restore Honor



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History is just a story.

The villains and the heroes are decided by whoever holds the pen, the opposite side unable to fact check.

Usually because they’re dead.

Cynthia “Cyn” Sharp is used to being talked about. Chased off by chicken farmers, strippers, and oversharing medical professionals, every ridiculous story true and embarrassingly accurate.

But what if the most important story is the one no one is telling- and it ruined a man’s life.

Dr. Robert Denicourt just wants to bring his father home, but the demons haunting him are twenty years old. No one questioned the reports by which he was sentenced but it’s not too late to give him his life back, if only he could let go of the past.

Serving those who served has a cost, and Cyn and Winnie are putting themselves in the crosshairs to restore a lost soldiers honor


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