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Cynthia “Cyn” Sharp was a terrible soldier. Her canine partner, Sgt. Winnifred Pupperson, was even worse. Discharged and dejected, they are headed home to Sweet Pea, OH, a home Cyn never thought she’d return to.

Now they are caught up in mystery, disaster and too many love interests, with a burning question: what else could possibly go wrong?

Ampersand Trilogy – eBook

Bridgette Ampersand has always been different. With the ability to see strong emotional memories, she has a second sight that has proved to be more trouble than its worth… and it cost way too many lives the last time she tried to help.

Until she sees something she just can’t turn away from, and becomes reunited with a man she wished she’d never. Witnessing the atrocities of humans and coping with her own crippling loss, can Bridgett find her center before anyone else dies?

Sharp Investigations Series – Signed Paperbacks

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