Fetching the Phonies


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Nothing is more intimidating than a mountain of paperwork filled with legalize, nothing except the con artists offering to help.. for a price.

Cynthia “Cyn” Sharp is on a list… or maybe she’s been blacklisted. What happened to that man on that show who was a spy in Florida?

Ick, Florida.

Now a line of people are standing outside, facing eviction, deportation and criminal charges with every last cent they had being whisked away by a stranger with a website… a website that links back to her.

While she’s fighting to prove she didn’t take their money, fights are breaking out all over town. Accusations of theft, deceit and toilet cherry bombs are threatening to bring the town to its knees with an all out brawl.

Can Cyn and Winnie fetch the phonies before they destroy the town and ruin dozens of lives?


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