Itching Against Ignorance


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Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark… or, Ohio.

Something besides Sgt. Winnifred Pupperson’s farts and whatever Mrs. Margot puts in her egg salad. Cynthia “Cyn” Sharp has been struggling to pick up the pieces… of her shattered coffee mug collection, the pile of applications Winnie destroyed for a replacement “intern” and what’s left of her sanity.

A plea for help to find a missing construction working stripper leads Cyn and Winnie down the rabbit hole of building, planning, and the mysteriously non-existent housing. Add Stella’s concern about the health of her Special Ed students and there’s no time for sleep.

Not that she was doing that anyway.

But the closer Cyn and Winnie come to finding out the answer, the farther they get from safety. The dynamic duo will stop at nothing to bring health and safety back to their community, even if it costs them everything.


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