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Welcome to Perry Dog Publishing!

A one woman, two dog operation in Idaho.

Perry – CEO and Character Inspiration

Perry the Platypup, owner and head character inspiration, is a purebred German Shepherd rescued from Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control in 2019 and she has been running this place like a … truthfully, she’s doing the best with what she has to work with.

We are also fairly confident she is part velociraptor. Approach with caution… and snacks.

Padfoot – CCO and Mandated Break Reminder

Padfoot is a day walking vampire whose voice wakes the sleeping, dead and caffeine deprived. He is a 40% Pitbull, 18% Siberian Husky, 100% chonk monster from Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles who specializes in tippy taps and singing the song of his people.

Instead of the dinosaur horn from The Flintstones, he howls, barks and woos until you get up and submit to his demands.

Noelle – Menial Laborer / Author

Rounding out this motley crew is me, Noelle. Dog mom, Bark Box buyer and the authors known as E. N. Crane (thriller, humorous mystery, action adventure) and Noelle Rider (romance, witchy RomCom, general smut). My books are all focused on the bond between plus-sized women and their pets with romance, sass and A LOT of coffee.

Please, for the love of dog, SEND MORE COFFEE!

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